Eviction Contact Form

Where We Work

Currently, we only perform evictions within Pierce County (including the cities within it, like Tacoma, UP, Lakewood, Fircrest, Bonney Lake, etc.). However, we plan to expand to Seattle in the not-so-distant future.

Who We Work For

As far as residential evictions are concerned, we only work for landlords. However, we do sometimes work for commercial tenants.

Our Prices

We charge the following competitive flat fees for residential evictions only (commercial evictions vary too widely for flat fees):

  • $475 plus costs if the tenant(s) vacate after being served by the process server and the case doesn’t need to be filed
  • $775 plus costs if the case is filed but tenant does not answer (i.e. case is uncontested)
  • $1,075 plus costs if the tenant(s) do not vacate and does file an answer requesting a show cause hearing (i.e. case is contested)

Cost Estimates

Costs vary by county. However, the following is a general estimate of additional costs that can occur, depending on how the eviction process pans out:

  • $75-150 for process server (depending on how difficult it is to serve the tenant)
  • $85-240 for filing fee
  • $40 for ex parte filing fee
  • $20 for writ fee
  • $115-200 for Sheriff’s fee

Eviction Contact Form

Contact a Landlord-Tenant Attorney Today

If you have questions about your landlord-tenant issue, or any other matter related to Washington real estate law, you should speak to an attorney as soon as you can. To schedule a consultation, call the Brink Law Firm today at 253.620.6666 or send us an email through our online contact form.

Instructions: The following contact form is intended to help streamline the eviction process. If you’d like to hire us to help with your eviction, please fill out as much of it as you can. If you cannot fill in a space, leave it blank and we will follow up with you if we need additional information.

Client Information

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Tenant(s) to be Evicted:

Are you the owner or the landlord?OwnerLandlord

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General Information

Upload Tenant Application ––––––––

Upload Lease/Rental Agreement –––

Upload Move-in Checklist ––––-––––

Upload Unlawful Detainer Notice –––

Is your tenant in the military? YesNo

Tenant's branch:

Is your tenant receiving HUD/Section 8 housing assistance? YesNo

Upload HUD/Section 8 Contract –-––

Caseworker's name:

Caseworker's contact info (email or phone):

Did your tenant sign a lease with an option to purchase?YesNo

Has your tenant done work in exchange for rent?YesNo

Has your tenant requested maintenance that has not been completed?YesNo

Is the tenant(s) still living in the unit?YesNo

Is the property in default or foreclosure?YesNo

Reason(s) for Eviction:

Failure to timely pay rentFailure to comply with the terms of the leaseWaste, nuisance, criminal act, or unlawful business other than drug-related activityYou elect not to renew a periodic tenancy (e.g. month-to-month)Gang-related activityLease expired naturally

Upload Notice of Rent Increase ––––

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How does your tenant pay rent?
CheckCashMoney orderCashier's checkDirect deposits into your account

Have you provided a receipt for cash rental payments every time?YesNo

Has the rent changed since the lease/rental agreement was signed? YesNo

Upload Notice of Rent increase –––
Please explain the details of tenant's non-compliance:
Please explain the details of tenant's waste, nuisance, criminal act, or unlawful business:

Service of Notice

What kind of service did you use?PersonalSubstituted personalPosting and mailing

Did you knock on the door and/or ring the doorbell? YesNo
Did you physically hand the notice to the tenant? YesNo
How many copies of the notice did the server serve?

What is the name of the person who handed the notice to the tenant?

Is this person 18 years old or older? YesNo

What is the full name of the person the notice was given to?

Was this person at least 15 years old? YesNo

How many copies of the notice did you hand to the person you served?

What is the name of the person who handed the notice to the tenant?

How many copies were mailed?

Is this person 18 years old or older? YesNo

Where on the property did you post the notice?

Did you take a picture?YesNo

Upload picture of posted notice –––
Was the notice posted: Face openIn an envelopeOther

How many copies of the notice were posted?

What is the name of the person who posted the notice on the property?

How many copies were mailed?

Did you mail: Separate copies in different envelopeAll in one envelope

What kind of mailing did you use? Regular first class mailCertified mail

Did you mail the notice from the county where the property is located? YesNo

Sheriff's Required Questions

Are there any children residing in the unit? YesNo

Number of children and approximate ages:

Are there any detached storage units or garages? YesNo

Are there any pets at the residence? YesNo

List types of pets known to be living at the residence:

Do tenants have any disabilities/mental health conditions that will require special accommodations?YesNo

Please include other agencies to be contacted, caseworker's name, and any other information we should know:

To the best of your knowledge, do the tenants pose a threat to officers involved in the physical eviction? (Drug activity, criminal activity, known to be armed, mentally disturbed, history of assaults, etc.) YesNo

Please describe the possible threat(s):